Visual Brand Coaching

If you are stuck on what type of visuals to incorporate in your brand, the visual brand coaching is just what you may need to turn your brand into a visual powerhouse!

60 Minutes @$75.00

In 60 minutes we’ll discover your visual branding goals  by coming up with strategies to get your brand exposed to your core audience.

Durng the call we will discuss the following:

  • Help you create a  personalized color scheme for your brand using color psychology, that will catch your audiences’ attention.
  • Web Design basics that will have new and existing audience members coming back to your page for more.
  • Content creation (what type of content you are wanting to correlate with your visual brand.
  • Graphic that will elevate your brand in on social media platforms.

A  personalized visual brand reference guide will be sent to your after the call, as a guide to help you implement your visual brand needs.

Personalized Stock Photos


Are you seeking photos for your website or social media accounts that set you apart from the rest?  I am here help you with creating beautiful, visually appealing photos for all your needs.

Commercial or Personal usage includes:

  • Professional designed photos,
  • Flat lay photos
  • Scene creator photos

Stock Photography packages will also include the following:

  • Easy and ongoing contact between you and me to ensure the style stock photos are exactly what you need.

A survey will be sent within 24 hours upon schedule to get a better understanding of what types of photos are best for your brand message.

Easy photo transfers in the form of JPEG and PNG

3 Exclusive Packages Available  

Custom Creations

Package 1

10 stock photos

$150 (non-refundable)


Custom Creations

Package 2

20 stock photos

$200 (non-refundable)


*Membership Monthy Special (Coming soon!)

Access to stock photo library

$10/month with unlimited access to a variety of stock photos

Graphic Design

Having a visuals for your brand are a most for small businessnes.  Visuals are used to give yours audience something to identify with when it comes to your brand.  Having customized graphics will help you not only stand out more in saturated markets  also draw in an audience who are in need of your brand or product.

Graphic Design Services include the following:

  • Text Logos
  • Social Media Promotional designs
  • Quotes (Inspirational, motivational, entrepreneur, etc.)
  • Promotional flyers
  • GIF creations
  • Product Mokups
  • Book Covers
  • Illustrations

3 Exclusive Packages to choose from starting at $200.