In the world of visual branding, the need to differentiate your brand from the next is to be creative in the way you present your visuals to your audience.

One way to do this is by using avatars.  Avatars are graphical icons or figures that represents a person.

You may be wondering what some ways are to incorporate visual branding in some of your visuals.  Well, my friend, I have the answers for you.


Here are five tips on how to use avatars for your visual branding.

Tip #1

  1. Use avatars in your creating your client profiles- using an avatar will bring more realism to the type of client you would like to attract.


Tip #2

Use avatars for case studies


Tip #3

User avatars on infographics and other communication mediums



Tip #4

User avatars within your social media graphics


Tip #5

Add them into your video content and presentations



Avatars can help with personalizing your visuals.  The examples I provided were just some of the ways on how to use avatars.  Get creative when using them!  Happy Creating!


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