Shayla created wonderful graphics for my new greeting card company. She did this without many directions from me because I didn’t understand the design process. Shayla helped me immensely in coming up with card designs that are fresh and beautiful. She’s so wonderful to work with and is the utmost professional. I can’t wait to work with Shayla again!

Natash Ptomey

Owner, Mom & Honey

It has been a pleasure to work on my brand product shoot with Shayla. We had a vision and she assisted us with creating it and more importantly was very patient with us through the process.

Professional and efficient services. We just updated our websites with the pictures that she created and I must say the site looks cleaner and more professional but still fun! Thank you, Shayla!

I look forward to working with you in the future!


Co-Owner, Crowned Curlies

Shayla has done incredible work for my website and company.  She designed my logo which stands out in an excellent format.

She designed the stock photos located on my website and eBooks which gave character to them.  I have promoted her name on my website, so if any viewers want stock photos or graphic designs, they are able to go to her website.  

She is very creative and detailed-oriented with each design.  That’s a great strength to have.  

She’s determined to satisfy her clients and fulfills her agreements with the wants of her clients.

I will work with her again.

Trenisha Marie

Owner, T-Marie Innovations

If you run a business, or organization, have social media for your business (which any business should) and realize you just do not have enough time to make awesome posts, learn the stats and strategies to take your business to the next level, hire someone.

Not just anyone! Hire Styled By Shay My likes, followers, appointments, and page engagements have all increased since I invested in her expertise.

I loooove the videos, graphics, and posts she makes. I looooooooove the time it saves me. IJS you have to spend money to make money!

Hiring someone who is an expert at something, is money made!


Owner, Tutus & Tennis Shoes