Shayla is AMAZING! I requested a custom illustration for my beauty brand. I wasn’t 100% sure of what I was looking for but was able to provide a few examples of illustrations I liked. Shayla was able to turn a first draft within a day that blew me away. It was original, unique and aligned with my brand perfectly. Her creativity, professionalism and timeliness has made me a loyal customer to her design services. I HIGHLY recommend her.

Kyshira Moffett

Brand Strategist,

I have been following Styled by Shay’s designs on social media for a while. I absolutely love the creativity in her illustrations. When I learned that she could remove the background from images, I immediately reached out and requested that she could do the same for my photos. Shayla paid close attention to detail and listened to my needs. She also impressed me with her quick turnaround service.  Having transparent backgrounds for my images will give my brand a clean and professional look!

Uzoma Obidike

Career Coach,

Shayla has done incredible work for my website and company.  She designed my logo, which stands out in an excellent format.

She designed the stock photos located on my website and eBooks, which gave character to them.  I have promoted her name on my website, so if any viewers want stock photos or graphic designs, they are able to go to her website.


Trenisha Marie

Business Development,

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